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"Our mission is to provide the youth and young adults of this community with professional athletic training and give them the opportunity to EXCEL in their chosen sport".

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Player’s health is our #1 priority; therefore, we offer other professional services developed and used mainly in Europe.

Taping Therapy

Is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. Is mainly effective in improving common disorders in the musculoskeletal system such as: pain in knee, back, neck, shoulder and more.

How does it work?
The tape works on the body’s electromagnetic fields, which carry data from the body’s organs and make such data available on or near the surface of the skin. The taping interacts with certain points on the body’s electromagnetic fields, which can relieve pain and influence the health and functions of the body as a whole.

Use and benefits:
Pain Relief via Structural Support for Weak or Injured Body Parts (this elastic tape moves with your body, which provides supports to your body parts without the tape slipping) Muscle Support (your muscle strength may be assisted by kinesiology tape via physical assistance and tactile feedback through the skin eg proprioception (balance) boost)

Swelling Reduction (Kinesiology provides a passive lift to your skin via its elastic properties. This vacuum effect allows your lymphatic and venous drainage systems to drain and swollen or bruised tissue quicker than without the kinesiology tape)  

Rebox Electrotherapy

This electrotherapeutic device developed in Europe, is designed for treatments and diagnostics of musculoskeletal immobility, neurological disorders and is also effective in treatment of acute and chronic pain.

How does it work?
Rebox currents are introduced into the treated area evenly, with the touch of a small, non-invasive electrode. Within several seconds, local acidosis (increased acidity in blood) in the treated tissue will be corrected, lymphatic fluid and blood circulation will be increased, and effective myorelaxation (relaxation of muscle) will take place at the same time.

Treatment of acute and chronic pain
- back & joint pain
- pain after injury & swelling
- acute muscle strain
- joint disease (osteoarthrosis, arthrits)
- post-operative pain rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system
- muscle tightness (hypertonia) and contraction (spasms)
- limited joint mobility
- Inflammation of tendon (tendovaginitis) Acceleration of healing processes
- tendon injury
- post-operative wounds


This athletic performance resistance training equipment helps with following:
- builds vertical jump power 
- creates better/safer landing control
- improves the ability to change direction quicker
- strengthens core, leg & arm muscles 

Resulting in players:
- jumping higher
- moving faster
- gaining better body control
- becoming more agile & explosive
- developing harder arm swing & serve.

Schedule your Vertimax session with us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Healthy nutrition is a key component for any athlete.  Without putting the right nutrients into our bodies, we lack energy and strength to perform at our best. We also can't recover as quick and suffer from frequent body soreness and fatigue, which could ultimately lead to injury.

Because we invest into our athletes as a whole, a nutrition education is part of our  offering. We provide our athletes with list of foods to eat, timelines and other steps to follow to be able to reach the ultimate desired performance.

View our Nutrition videos HERE